Acquisition Workstation

Lomaen Medical provides the highest quality acquisition workstation for your needs. Our acquisition workstation are designed for the convenience of medical professionals offer tremendous advantages in precision care. With extensive experience and expertise in our field, we provide diagnostic imaging solutions that meet the needs of any medical facility.

Lomaen Medical proudly stocks the Fujifilm Console Advance workstation. Considered the pioneer in digital x-ray imaging, Fujifilm continuously pursues innovation to transform the world of radiography. Fujifilm’s acquisition workstation offers exceptional image quality with a fast, easy workflow.

Fujifilm’s acquisition workstation features a sophisticated interface that is intuitive, customisable and enables fast, easy exam completion and image optimisation.


Through Fujifilm’s Dynamic Visualisation II advanced image processing technology, this acquisition workstation provides outstanding detail, practically eliminating the need for post-processing.

The acquisition workstation enables technicians to complete common workflow steps in a few mouse clicks.

In addition, the worklist views of the acquisition workstation offer status icons and thumbnail images.

The virtual grid option allows for improved picture quality of images acquired without a grid.

Through multi-accession, the acquisition workstation opens multiple studies with separate accessions for the same patient in a single screen.

The auto trimming feature of this acquisition workstation simplifies offset imaging. This is done by automatically detecting the exposure area. Then, the true sized cropped image is sent to PACS for optimal image display size at both workstations.

The acquisition workstation also provides region of interest image adjustment that reprocesses images instantly, based on user-selected points of interest.

The optional image stitching feature of the acquisition workstation for digital and computed radiography automatically combines several adjoining images into a single long length image, ideal for scoliosis and long leg studies.

The Lomaen Medical difference

Make the switch to higher levels of standard with Lomaen Medical’s advanced technology. Please browse through our available acquisition workstations and other medical and radiology solutions to select the most suitable system for your application. We can assist you in choosing the suitable systems to fit the needs of your radiology centre.


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