Mobile X-Ray Facilities

Lomaen Medical builds customised mobile x-ray facilities for occupational health care, general radiography, and mammography.

We consult with you during the entire process, including design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning to ensure the mobile X-ray facilities are created to meet your specific needs.

A typical mobile x-ray facility consists of a chassis with a body or container that may include:

  • Insulated panelling constructed from integrated lead
  • X-ray room with battery or capacitor assisted x-ray unit
  • Operator or computer room and a separate waiting room
  • Lead protective walls and shield
  • Lead windows and doors
  • Access stairs
  • Wheelchair lift and entrance
  • Inverter-type air conditioning
  • Electrical fittings including a distribution board, plugs, lighting, and network
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Generator (220 volts)
  • Hand wash basin with water storage
  • Warning signs
  • Licencing
  • Quality assurance (QA)

The Lomaen Medical difference

Get in touch with Lomaen Medical’s expert team today to commission a customised mobile x-ray facility.

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