Veterinary MRI

With Lomaen Medical’s veterinary MRI diagnostic systems, you can be assured of the highest standard in image quality, functionality, and reliability. Our veterinary MRI solutions are designed in collaboration with veterinary doctors to ensure an efficient solution for both large and small animals.

These veterinary MRI solutions provide high-quality soft tissue imaging. In addition, the real-time imaging tool allows for fast animal repositioning through the panel located on the system gantry. This panel continuously visualises the anatomy position.

Furthermore, our veterinary MRI solutions feature wide openings to accommodate even very large breeds. Since diagnostic imaging of horses is essential, Lomaen Medical also offers cost-effective veterinary MRI solutions designed for equines to clearly distinguish between bone oedema, ligaments, and tendons through accurate imaging, excellent contrast resolution, and image quality. This ensures optimal diagnosis.

Please browse through our veterinary MRI solutions and discover the ideal product for your needs.


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