Ecoray Ultra200/200A

Ultra 200 / 200A is a mobile X-ray unit that can be used in Hospitals and Clinics (ICU, Patient room, or ER room etc.) With its 360︒ Rotational Wheels, the operator can easily move the unit and an internal break structure can be applied. With 180︒ lateral arm movement the operator is able to set any position and once a desired position has been acquired the arm will stop by simply releasing.


  • 5kW Monobloc (110kV/200mAs)
  • Power Selection
    – ULTRA 200 : Rechargeable battery powered
    – ULTRA 200 A : AC line powered
  • Free Stop Tube Arm
  • 180˚ Lateral Moving Arm
  • 360˚ Rotational Wheels
  • Auto SID display
  • Motorized Collimator
  • Upgradable DR