Luso EqueTom



EqueTom performs Dental, Sinus, Heel, Pastern, Ergot, Cannon, Knee, Hoof, Coronet, Fetlock and Hock examinations. Its unique reconstruction technique provides over 300 coronal slices of the examined body part for detailed examination, instead of a single static X-Ray shot.

Tomosynthesis is a proven X-Ray imaging technology for high precision diagnoses. Simple, quick and with a low exposure does, tomosynthesis imaging technology offers high quality multi-slice images to visualize parts that are not visible with conventional plain radiology.




  • Generator type: Battery powered high-frequency 1.6 kW X-Ray generator
  • Digital X-Ray detector: battery powered 10″x12″ dynamic, portable PSA detector
  • Acquisition frame rate: 30 frames per second
  • Tomosynthesis angles: ± 15 °, ± 25° degrees
  • Tomosynthesis scan time: 3-4 seconds
  • Slices images resolution: 200µm
  • Slice thickness (pitch): 0.6mm
  • Radiography resolution: 125µm




EqueTom Brochure