FUJIFILM Amulet Innovality

Full Field Digital Mammography.

The fight against breast cancer is not one-dimensional.
Fujifilm are committed to doing their part, at every opportunity, to deliver value through imaging innovation. AMULET Innovality with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is built smarter because it is built with insight into image quality, operational excellence, and a better patient experience.

AMULET Innovality – the result of Fujifilm’s ongoing innovation and commitment to providing top quality mammography services.  The Innovality utilises Fujifilm’s unique a-Se direct conversion flat panel detector to produce clear images with a low X-ray dose.  This system makes use of intelligent AEC (i-AEC) combined with new image analysis technology to automatically optimize the X-ray dosage for each breast type.  AMULET Innovality is a highly advanced mammography system which offers an extremely fast image interval of just 15 seconds.  With this new system, Fujifilm furthers the provision of high quality examinations with superior image quality.

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Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) Direct Conversion Technology

  • 50-micron image display.
  • Reduced acquisition time — only 15 seconds.
  • Hexagonal pixels distribute the electrical field more efficiently than traditional square pixels, to capture stronger signals with less noise.
  • Resulting images have high DQE and MTF, producing brilliant image quality.
  • Offers exceptionally sharp images, even at low dose.

Tungsten Target
Image-based Spectrum Conversion (ISC) technology can be used to optimize contrast in an image.  ISC analyses images to compensate for variations in contrast due to the density of mammary glands, amount of fat and X-ray spectrum.  ISC aims to ensure that images display adequate contrast even with the use of a high-energy, low-dose X-ray beam.  This technology allows sites that previously exploited the superior contrast of a Molybdenum target to realize the dose advantages offered by the use of Tungsten without having to compromise image contrast.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)
Radiologists using AMULET Innovality with DBT will realize valuable, enhanced clinical efficacy compared to using full field digital mammography (FFDM) alone.

  • DBT acquires a series of low-dose images at different angles. The acquired images are reconstructed into a series of high-resolution slices displayed individually or dynamically in a cine mode.
  • Dual mode tomosynthesis for any clinical situation:
    • Standard Mode: 15 degrees degrees
    • High-Res mode at 40 degrees
  • The reconstructed tomographic images make it easier to identify lesions which might otherwise be difficult to visualize in traditional 2D mammogram images because of the presence of overlapping breast structures.
  • Superior diagnostic accuracy and superior (lower) recall rates for non-cancer cases are possible with AMULET Innovality DBT technology.
  • Two-dimensional S-view image combining multiple slice images.

iAEC plus ISC: Optimized x-ray dose and contrast for each breast type
Fujifilm’s proprietary technology makes it possible to lower dose while offering optimized contrast, even in dense breasts and implants.

  • Intelligent AEC (iAEC) “factors in” breast composition to calculate the optimal dose and exposure techniques for each examination. iAEC enables more accurate calculation of exposure parameters than is possible with conventional AEC systems.
  • iAEC can also greatly speed workflow for exams of implanted breasts by automatically calculating the optimal exposure.
  • Fujifilm’s Image-based Spectrum Conversion (ISC) technology optimizes contrast in an image, offering the dose advantages of a tungsten target for all exposures and breast types.

Automatic Positioning of Radiation Field
The radiation field automatically shifts to the ideal place for patient positioning depending on the compression paddle used.  It is possible to change the radiation field size after positioning the patient.

Patented FitSweet Paddle designed to improve patient comfort during mammograms
The unique FitSweet Paddle allows pressure to be more evenly and gently distributed across the breast compared to conventional, flexible paddles.

  • Slotted paddle edge allows plate to flex to the contour of the breast.
  • Bends from centre of breast to thinner edges.
  • Distributes pressure more evenly.
  • Tilting paddle allows for more gradual and more even compression.
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate different breast sizes: 18x24cm and 24x30cm.
  • Available standard on AMULET Innovality.

Advanced Biopsy System
The stereotactic biopsy unit allows accurate and reliable biopsy procedures to be performed using high-resolution images.  By attaching the optional lateral adapter, the needle can be inserted not only vertically but also parallel to the exposure table.

Tomosynthesis Biopsy
Targeting is supported using both tomosynthesis and stereoscopic images: the choice depends on operator confidence and lesion positioning. Tomosynthesis acquisition can be performed in both ST (Standard) and HR (High Resolution) modes, according to desired accuracy and lesion size.

  • Using a tomosynthesis image, it makes it possible to target the lesion which cannot be found on 2D image.
  • Thanks to easier lesion position identification, tomosynthesis targeting results in a more efficient workflow and more simple operation.

CEDM Function
With one compression, it continuously performs low tube voltage (low energy) imaging close to the ordinary mammography imaging and high tube voltage (high energy) imaging with a Cu filter, and automatically generates and displays a subtraction image of the obtained images. This subtraction image constitutes an image emphasizing specific tissues.

Digital Mammography Workstation AMULET Bellus
The workstation quickly displays mammographic studies even with large data size.  “Intelligent Temporal Comparison”, a rapid display switching function, aids in efficient diagnosis.