RWD D-Pro Dental Unit

The RWD D-Pro Dental Unit is a veterinary dental delivery system that provides a variety of functions for any veterinary practice, these include: grinding, cutting, polishing, and cleaning.  Easy and efficient to operate, the RWD D-Pro effectively shortens the treatment time thus reducing the time spent under anaesthesia. The system requires no daily maintenance thanks to the high-quality oil-free air compressor and automatic water drainage from the air tank.


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  • 20 litre large capacity air tank ensures pressure balance and long-term supply.
  • The 360° handpiece is light-weight and reduces hand fatigue effectively.
  • Water and electricity separation design to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  • The machine weighs only 46kg, with flexible movement and super smooth casters.
  • Electrical Supply: 2.6-2.9A, 220/230V, 50/60Hz.
  • Various handpieces, suction tips, polishing heads, burs and a veterinary ultrasonic scaler are included.