Medical and X-Ray Accessories

Lomaen Medical is a major supplier of various medical and x-ray accessories to numerous medical facilities throughout South Africa. As a medical radiology equipment supplier, we take a turn-key approach to our offers, providing our clients with supply, training, servicing, and equipment maintenance.

As a result, we provide high-quality medical and x-ray accessories from various leading industry manufacturers to help improve the diagnosis, treatment, and workflow of medical facilities. Furthermore, these medical and x-ray accessories protect yourself and your patients from harm.

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) ensures high levels of cleanliness and safety and decreases the chance of infection and the spread of disease.

In addition, our custom handmade lead apparel has been extensively tested to ensure the wellbeing of workers and patients during possible radiation exposure from diagnostic radiology procedures. Furthermore, all the medical and x-ray accessories we supply match the latest advancements in the medical field. With our medical and x-ray accessories, you can increase the precision and safety at your medical facility today.

Our range of medical and x-ray machine accessories

See the medical and x-ray accessories we have to offer. We guarantee that all our products are manufactured at industry standards to ensure the best outcome. Our solutions have been carefully designed, researched, and produced by leading manufacturers globally.

  • Protective respiratory face masks (PPE)
    • KN95 Protective Respiratory Face Mask
    • N95 Protective Respiratory Face Mask
    • Type IIR Disposable Surgical Face Mask
  • Protective face shield (PPE)
  • Left and right markers
  • Lead thyroid collar
  • Mobile height-adjustable shield
  • Mobile lead apron trolley
  • Positioning sponges
  • X-ray mattresses
  • Lead aprons
    • Lead dental aprons
    • Lead maternity aprons
    • Lead single-sided aprons
    • Lead vest and skirt aprons
    • Lead skirt half aprons
  • Lead gloves and mittens
  • Lead face shields
    • Lead half-face shield
    • Lead full face shield

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For more information on our medical and x-ray accessories, please browse through our offering to discover the ideal product for your needs.