FUJIFILM FDR Smart X is the innovative and newly developed X-Ray system which has taken the world by storm. It offers multi-functionality with more accuracy at an affordable price. Likewise the system is designed in order to be intuitive to the user.

The ceiling suspension ensures that the tube can be used with an upright stand, table and with trolley or bed examinations, which allows for a more flexible approach when an X-Ray needs to be conducted. Moreover, the imaging department will become far more effective as the system is made for convenience.

The FUJIFILM FDR Smart X has higher resolution in image quality and a whole host of other advanced features when combined with the newest range of D-EVO II series DR panels.

The advanced image processing includes Dynamic Visualisation II. Fujifilm has used their world renowned expertise in image processing in order to optimise images on displays with heightened contrast throughout.

FUJIFILM FDR Smart X uses Irradiated Side Sampling technology allowing for the position of the capture electronics to capture through the irradiation side rather than traditional detection. What this does is improve the resolution, decreases errors or imperfections and ensures enhancement of the overall efficiency.

You have an option for a manual or automatic tilting wall stand which improves your medical staff’s workflow as patients in wheelchairs can now be assisted far more effectively. This also means more patients can be helped in a shorter amount of time.

FUJIFILM FDR Smart X works well in the Paediatrics sector as it offers a removable grid both in the upright stand and table. Likewise, the dual-reference rotation improves the handling aspect as the detector does not need to be removed and then remounted continuously.

The automatic connection enables the detector cables to be automatically connected when placed in the tray. Moreover, the detectors allows for the battery to be charged in case wireless operation is needed.

Finally, the FUJIFILM FDR Smart X can accommodate both the DR panel and/or CR cassettes.

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