Digital Radiography

Lomaen Medical’s digital radiology solutions offer exceptional image processing, are constructed to withstand challenging environments, and designed for easier clinician handling and patient positioning.

Our digital radiology solutions are durable, waterproof, and ultra-lightweight and offer a maximum of 36 hours of standby time.

New digital radiology solutions feature a shell design with curved sides for easier insertion into patient beds. This easy-to-grasp shape enables easy pick up even when placed flat.

These digital radiology solutions offer simplified long-view imaging for radically optimised image quality. In addition, a single exposure is performed within a timeframe of milliseconds. This significantly reduces the risk of patient movement.

In addition, digital radiology solutions allow long-view radiography of the entire lower limb or vertebral column with a single exposure and improve the efficiency of long-view exams, which reduces exam times for the patient.

Modern recognition algorithms that form part of the digital radiology solutions automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on the calculation of estimated 3D image data.

Please browse through our available digital radiology solutions and select the most suitable system for your application.


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