Lomaen Medical offers both film and paper printers for medical practices.

Film printers

We supply FUJIFILM Drypix dry laser film printers.

FUJIFILM Drypix Plus

The DryPix Plus is a dry laser imager that combines the high-quality and performance of FUJIFILM’s centralised imagers, with an extremely compact design and convenient 110-volt power. This makes it ideal for any size department. DryPix Plus printers have excellent throughput between 110 and 160 films per hour. It accommodates all common film sizes, has three film drawers and an optional top-mounted 4-bin film sorter.

FUJIFILM Drypix Edge

The Drypix Edge offers high-quality images for greater versatility. Its modern design provides harmonisation with the FCR series. These printers feature three film trays, dry laser technology, and has a processing capacity of 110 films per hour.

Paper printers

OKI is a leader in printing innovation, providing organisations with high-definition colour printing devices based on digital LED technology. Their sophisticated OKI C831DM printers integrate seamlessly with clinical systems using DICOM.

From nuclear medicine to scans (MRI, CT) and ultrasounds, these printers can produce high-quality medical images in sizes up to A3, directly from medical equipment without conversion software or external hardware.

C831D printers integrate seamlessly with clinical systems and medical equipment using DICOM, and create quality medical imaging including nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans.

Browse through our available medical printers and select the system for you.