Veterinary Autoclaves

Lomaen Medical offers veterinary autoclaves that reduce the time to sterilise your equipment and provide immediate care for animals.

While veterinary autoclaves are not new, they serve a critical role in ensuring overall animal safety.

The primary function of veterinary autoclaves is sterilising equipment to prevent infections in animals while they are under your care.

A veterinary autoclave is a pressurised device used to sterilise medical equipment by effectively killing bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses, and other agents that may spread diseases.

Veterinary autoclaves use supersaturated pressurised steam for sterilisation.

Key benefits of veterinary autoclaves include:

  • Safe equipment reuse
  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Protected veterinary clinic reputation

Using safe equipment when examining and treating animals protects them from dangerous infections. This is particularly important when it comes to surgical procedures. For example, with veterinary autoclaves used between tasks, disease can be contained.

Please browse through our veterinary autoclaves and discover the ideal solution for your needs.

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