Veterinary Computed Radiography

Veterinary computed radiography (CR) is a digital imaging and x-ray image management system that eliminates several disadvantages of traditional radiography.

Lomaen Medical’s veterinary computed radiography solutions offer several advantages:

Images from veterinary computed radiography solutions are like those of conventional radiography, without the need to choose between good contrast and good latitude. In addition, images from veterinary computed radiography solutions have more shades of grey, which allow technicians to detect the slightest differences in radiation attenuation. Due to the higher contrast resolution, there’s a decreased need for retaking images with veterinary computed radiography. Furthermore, the technician can observe soft tissue and bone detail in a single image, further reducing the number of images necessary.

Using veterinary computed radiography significantly reduces diagnostic time since the veterinarian can see the images sooner and take the necessary steps without delay.

Another great benefit of veterinary computed radiography is that it’s easier to create and store backup copies of images. In addition, the digital storage allows for quick access and the ability to export images in different formats.

Our veterinary computed radiography solutions can lead to significant cost savings resulting from fewer retakes, reduced process time, and affordable maintenance.

Please browse through our veterinary computed radiography solutions and discover the ideal product for your needs.


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