Womens Health

Lomaen Medical’s women’s health diagnostic solutions include a range of digital mammography systems.

Some of the features of our women’s health diagnostic solutions include a-Se direct conversion flat panel detector, a special design acquisition workstation (AWS) for a more effective environment for mammography examination, and a highly advanced system which offers an extremely fast image interval with superior image quality.

Acquisition workstations for women’s health diagnostic solutions offer optimised workflow through:

  • Integrated X-ray control for setting and confirmation of imaging conditions on one screen
  • Portrait-type monitor for enhanced both viewing and operability
  • Split examination screen in one, two, or four sections
  • Automatic and manual left/right image position adjustment
  • Density and contrast adjustment with both left/right images
  • One-click report generation for patients where no abnormality is detected, reducing reporting time

Our women’s health diagnostic solutions provide high-quality images that enhance visualisation of the mammary tissue and greater detail of abnormal areas, improving the diagnostic process.

Some of the optional features of our women’s health diagnostic solutions provide tomosynthesis,  biopsy functionality, and CEDM (Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography). They also offer fast, low dose examinations.

Through tomosynthesis, our women’s health diagnostic solutions allow for observation of the internal structure of the breast, which makes it easier to identify lesions that might be difficult to visualise in routine mammography.

Please browse through our available women’s health diagnostic solutions and select the most suitable system for your application.

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