Featuring the 2D Fan Beam and 3D DXA compatible

FDX Visionary-DR makes the technology 2D Fan-Beam available and accessible to all bone densitometry practitioners. 

■ Optimal diagnostic capabilities 

■ Excellent image quality and fast exams

Discover the comfortable diagnostic experience for both the patient and the user.

Technology and Performance 

Based on a 4 line, 64 element multi-array detector, the 2D Fan- Beam provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis. FDX Visionary-DR was designed to perform examinations in only 15 seconds per site, making it one of the most powerful solutions available. FDX Visionary-DR meets the needs of the most demanding practitioners searching for a powerful, complete and precise tool. 

Options and Applications: 

A Complete Diagnostic Experience

FDX Visionary-DR is a complete device that in addition to routine exams for osteoporosis diagnosis (hip, spine, forearm), provides a wide range of applications including: Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Lateral Spine, Morphometry, Whole Body. 

FDX Visionary-DR software is based on a development which has been improving over the last 15 years. Heavily informed by user feedback, the result is an intuitive software interface. 

3D-DXA is a breakthrough technology that uses routine BMD images to modelize a 3D image of the femur. This technology brings new information about bone structure for a more accurate diagnosis and an adapted treatment. This feature is only available on the DMS range.

BODY COMPOSITION gives fast, complete and accurate measurements of fat and muscle per body region. Advanced fat and lean medical parameters and normality curves are provided for use in sports medicine, weight management and medical applications.