With Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) from Lomaen Medical, you can securely store and digitally transmit electronic images and clinically relevant reports.

PACS is an invaluable tool that has changed how veterinary practices standardise the archiving of medical images. PACS allows vets to easily share diagnostic imaging electronically. As a result, PACS significantly enhances the treatment offered.

PACS has several advantages over conventional films such as time saving, reliability of the system, space saving, economy in consumables and personnel, efficiency of data management, accessibility of images and teaching benefits.  PACS also reduces the likelihood of duplicate images as it stores all previous results electronically. As a result, vets can access patient images and reports quickly.

PACS ensures that vets have a chronological radiology history of patients to compare the progression of disease or healing.

Another outstanding benefit of PACS is that it is easy to use, improving patient care.

Lomaen Medical offers PaxeraVet, a full-featured PACS solution built to easily view, process, distribute, and manage veterinary images. The system effortlessly connects your veterinary practice and gives you the ability to pull diagnostic images instantly. The PACS supports all DICOM modalities and can import and export any media.

In addition, PaxeraVet PACS contains veterinary-specific tags like breed, species, sex neutered, and owner name. The user-friendly interface allows easy access to images and reports with just a few clicks.

The pre-designed PACS templates are customisable and ensure the vet can insert images directly into a report. In addition, the veterinary technician can choose from various measurement and image processing tools, including vertebral heart scoring. The PACS comes with a complete set of filters, annotations, and measurement tools for accurate diagnoses.

PaxeraVet’s PACS viewing protocols fit into any workflow with advanced image display options that are customisable. In addition, the PACS’ Zero Footprint Viewer allows you to view images from any mobile device or browser.

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