PaxeraVet is a full-featured PACS solution built to view, process, distribute and manage veterinary images with ease. The solution connects your veterinary practice effortlessly with the ability to pull medical images instantly. The PACS system supports all DICOM modalities and can import and export any media.

Consolidated Worklist

The PACS system contains veterinary specific tags including breed, species, sex neutered and owner name. The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to images and reports. Register and retrieve animal name and owner demographic information with just a few clicks.

Reporting and Measuring

Pre-designed templates are also customizable, making reporting a quick and simple task. Have the ability to insert images directly into a report. Choose from a variety of measurement and image processing tools including Vertebral Heart Scoring. The PACS solution comes with a full set of filters, annotations and measurement tools for accurate diagnoses.

Viewing Protocols

PaxeraVet’s viewing protocols can fit into any workflow with advanced image display options that can be customized by each user. The Zero Footprint Viewer allows you to view images from any mobile device or browser without leaving a trace when you close a study. The history timeline gives you a complete overview of every study with the ability to open multiple studies for comparison.




  • Supports all DICOM modalities with DICOM import/export function of any media
  • Archive studies to CD/DVD with an embedded viewer for viewing studies and reports anywhere
  • Work list contains veterinary specific tags: including breed, species, sex neutered, and owner name
  • User-friendly interface design with easy access to images and reports
  • Register and retrieve animal name and owner demographics information
  • Reporting & transcription tool with image insertion, ability to add customized facility logo, and auto header
  • Image processing tools: filters, annotations, measurements, region of interest (ROI), and more
  • Vertebral Heart Scoring (VHS) measurement tool
  • History timeline for complete overview of case with the ability to open multiple studies for comparison
  • Zero Footprint Viewer enables veterinarians to view studies from any browser or mobile device
  • Film tool to print selected images on DICOM or Windows printers
  • Viewing protocols: advanced image display options that are user-specific
  • Interfaces with Veterinary Information Systems via PaxeraBroker®
  • Flexible licensing options for 2, 5, 10 and unlimited modalities
  • Optional cloud hosting and backup for a nominal fee-per-study
  • iPad / iPhone access with report dictation via iPaxera App