Veterinary Digital Radiography

Lomaen Medical’s supplies a range of veterinary digital radiology solutions designed with vets in mind. Our products offer exceptional image processing, are durable, and ultra-lightweight.

One of the primary benefits of veterinary digital radiography is that images can be viewed immediately after exposure. This allows veterinarians to adjust the pet’s position to retake the image without moving the animal off the table.

Since digital sensors need less radiation per exposure to ensure high-quality images, pets are exposed to significantly lower doses of radiation.

The software used for veterinary digital radiography allows for the easy adjustment of contrast, brightness, pan and zoom on a single exposure. In addition, if the pet patient is positioned correctly, the software can fix nearly everything else.

Investing in veterinary digital radiography can improve your efficiency and accurate diagnosis.

Please browse through our available veterinary digital radiology solutions and discover the ideal solution for your practice based on your application needs.

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