Vieworks range of veterinary digital detectors are designed with vets in mind. The Vivix-S series is durable, ultra-lightweight and offer exceptional image processing. The software used for veterinary digital radiography allows for the easy adjustment of contrast, brightness, pan and zoom on a single exposure. In addition, if the pet patient is positioned correctly, the software can fix nearly everything else.

Investing in Vieworks digital detectors you are sure to improve on efficiency and more accurate diagnosis.

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Advanced Imaging Processing Technology
Vieworks’ post image processing algorithm provides supreme image quality for VIVIX detectors. The algorithm is also applied to the VXvue software that comes with the detector at no additional cost.

Faster and More Stable Wireless Communication
This series supports faster communication between the detector and the SCU, providing faster image transmission to a viewer program for immediate examination.

Specialized Software Package for VIVIX
For small clinics and hospitals, the web-based mini PACS, QXLink, offers more value and supports an efficient operation throughout the hospital.

Robust Design
VIVIX-S V series enhances the robustness of the product to reduce errors due to the careless management of the detector. VIVIX-S V series passes drop testing of 100 cm, veterinarians can be free from concern about the product being accidentally dropped in any environment.

IP67 – Water and Dust Resistance
Do not worry about poor operation caused by water and dust. The series has received an IP67 rating for splash, water, and dust resistance. IP67 means that the series can operate safely in the water for up to 30 minutes at depths of less than 1 meter.

Greater Portability
This series maximizes portability. The lightest weight in VIVIX series makes it easy for the user to carry it. The ergonomic design also improves grips, making it easier to carry the detector and preventing accidental drops.

Convenient Charging
Portable detectors should be simply charged under any circumstances. VIVIX-S V series offers a variety of charging methods, including standard USB-C interfaces and magnetic tether connectors and provides a cradle for safe-storing and easy-charging.

Long lasting Battery
Radiology Departments are busy all day and need a detector that can cover the entire working hours. Radiographers do not need to charge batteries during the day because the VIVX-S V series comes with two batteries, allowing up to 16 hours of long operation. Additionally, by using an easy-charging cradle, it allows seamless operation all the time.

OLED Status Display
The exterior OLED display provides information about battery charge level, wired/wireless connection mode, and sleep mode status. Radiographers can understand the status quickly and prepare the diagnostic process on time by just looking at the display.

The cassette-sized DR detector is offered in 3 sizes:

  • 25x30cm (VIVIX-S 2530VW)
  • 36x43cm (VIVIX-S 3643VW)
  • 43x43cm (VIVIX-S 4343VW)