General X-Ray Systems

The general X-ray systems supplied by Lomaen Medical are used to perform routine diagnostic procedures.

Our general X-ray systems ensure minimal radiation exposure for both patients and staff. In addition, these general X-ray systems provide multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions.

Choose from a general x-ray system with a ceiling-suspended tube stand that provides tracking with the upright stand and table detectors to improve workflow, throughput, and efficiency, or a general x-ray system with a floor-mounted tube stand. The floor-mounted tube option provides flexibility to install in limited space, maximising your healthcare facility’s available imaging systems. In addition, the floor-mounted general x-ray system is ergonomically designed to provide clinicians with lighter and smoother movement.

Lomaen Medical’s general x-ray systems feature a high-frequency generator and X-ray tube. Select from the three types of generators – capacitor, UPS, or line – according to your need.

Our general x-ray systems combine a wide range of applications targeted to improve diagnostic capability and a precise design to facilitate imaging. These general x-ray systems offer unique image processing functions that enhance quality and ease of operation with minimal impact for patients.

Please browse through our available general x-ray systems and select the most suitable one for your application.


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