Clinical Confidence, Precision, and Optimal Efficiency

Fujifilm’s high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solution. FDR Smart F delivers a user-friendly, smart workflow for busy imaging professionals. Compatible with Fujifilm’s latest D-EVO II series DR panels with advanced features and high image quality. This solution is also compatible with CR cassettes.

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Tilting Wall Stand
Various exams can be performed using the optional tilting wall stand. As a result, non-ambulatory patients can be easily imaged in the seated position.

Dual-Reference Rotation
Both top- and center-reference rotation are available in our rotating tray, with automatic connection to the detector. As a result, the detector can be rotated while mounted in the tray without removing and remounting, significantly reducing handling.

Automatic Connection
The detector cable and connector are built into the tray, enabling the detectors to be automatically connected when set in the tray. This function dramatically improves efficiency and provides a clean look with no need to manage cabling. In addition, the automatic connection to the detector keeps the battery charged when wireless operation is required.

Automatic Tracking
The tube head and bucky move in synchronization to support positioning for exposure, improving workflow.

Integrated Console
The detector console and X-ray controller are integrated to display on the same monitor. Therefore, setting the exposure condition and selecting the exposure menu can be done on the same PC for improved workflow.

Compatible with CR and DR Systems
Both DR panel and CR cassette can be used for the FUJIFILM FDR Smart F.