PACS and AI systems provide integrated and innovative medical imaging solutions. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) combined with AI technology allow radiologists and clinicians to manage their workloads more effectively.

Combining PACS and AI can provide effective detection and segmentation of any irregularities in imaging data that the radiologists or clinicians can verify.

Lomaen Medical is a leading supplier of PACS and AI systems with built-in voice commands for ease of use. These PACS and AI systems provide radiologists and clinicians with real-time access to patient data. In addition, PACS and AI systems offer complete imaging solutions that provide better visibility at a cost that meets any healthcare facility’s needs.

The PACS and AI systems available from Lomaen Medical use leading technologies to help healthcare providers solve some of their challenges. For example, these medical imaging solutions enable radiologists and clinicians to securely access, interpret, and share medical images and reports across various platforms.

Our PACS and AI solutions are designed to help healthcare facilities scale smarter and faster, improving their patient satisfaction and streamlining their workflow.

Please browse through our available PACS and AI solutions and select the most suitable system for your application.


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