PaxeraVNA is an advanced vendor-neutral platform that increases efficiency while reducing costs. Have secure control of all image data with advanced organizational and image lifecycle management tools. Our future-ready VNA can be customized to fit the needs of your facility now and later. Consolidate your image handling through a single, centralized multimedia archive with PaxeraVNA.


Have complete control of tag morphing, auto routing, pre-fetching and more with PaxeraVNA. Keep track of every file with the ability to create tags for any file regardless of its origin and prefetching rules on multiple attributes. Any connected system or viewer will get the same level of overview for images and documents.



Our extensive data life cycle tools take the pain out of the long term storage solutions. The comprehensive tools come with rule specific controls for custom deletion and retention policy, and are designed to automate workflow, optimize IT investments, improve staff productivity, and boost data integration. The solution helps users anticipate what the state of their data should be across the data life cycle.



Our archiving system is built for storing data from yesterday, today and tomorrow. PaxeraVNA works effortlessly with any PACS system. The solution creates a single data repository that doesn’t have to change when individual PACS are changed. This reduces the effort and expense to launch replacement PACS without impacting end-user applications. The platform simplifies image access and makes it possible to provide a unified patient-centric view of all patient diagnostic information.




  • Enables growth and smart scale-up without workflow interruption
  • Liberates data from proprietary archiving and improves data ownership
  • Reduces cost and implementation complexity with unified storage
  • Single point of access to multimedia patient content
  • Automates departmental and enterprise imaging workflows
  • Enables best-of-breed approach with a single archiving solution
  • Achieves higher speed to access current and prior studies
  • Solves patient identification and presentation issues
  • View entire patient history along the continuum of care
  • 360 degree access to medical data for multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Redundancy with no single point of failure
  • Advanced data analytics for better clinical and operational insights
  • Interoperable with all EMR / EHR / RIS systems