iPaxera is an advanced and easy to use mobile medical image viewer, designed to enable radiologists to view DICOM studies from any iOS or android device.

iPaxera offers ubiquitous viewing from any PACS system and effortless access to studies in real-time, the intuitive solution empowers caregivers to view studies on the go and deliver improved quality of care.

Radiologists can diagnose on lunch break or vacation time, dictate, or write reports via the embedded reporting tool, and send reports by email or save them with studies. Physicians can use their iPad or tablet during consultation, to show patients their images in real-time, as it gets sent from the acquisition station.



iPaxera connects directly with our web-based PACS (PaxeraUltima) and Enterprise Imaging Solution (PaxeraUltima360) – enabling healthcare providers to login securely and easily, the same way they would login to their PACS.

iPaxera can also communicate with any PACS via DICOM Query/Retrieve, permitting you to add as many DICOM node parameters as needed, for easy and direct study retrieval.


With iPaxera, you can view the study worklist, and can use the search-box to search for specific studies. iPaxera supports multiple modalities, including DICOM Cine (multi-frame) with interactive playback controls.

The application has easy-to-use processing tools, like window width and leveling with visual presets, distance measurement, panning, zooming, free rotation, snapshot capture, and fast navigation for images/series.


iPaxera reporting tools give physicians the capability to write notes or reports directly from their mobile device. Radiologists can use the built-in dictation tool to record voice files, enabling on-the-go reporting.



  • Query/retrieve DICOM studies with any PACS system
  • Display and navigate through images with interactive slider
  • Control WW/WL with single finger drag
  • Display Cine (multi-frame) images
  • Seamless integration with PaxeraUltima server
  • View, write, dictate and send reports
  • Image manipulation including zoom, pan, rotation and distance measurement
  • Connect other PACS via Q/R and WADO
  • Import offline studies from iTunes and box
  • Navigate images instantly with unique ulra-fast streaming technology