Pain and Mammography

More than 40% of the women who fail to re-attend screening mammography appointments confirm pain as the main cause for the non-attendance. Find out how Fujifilm’s proprietary “Fit Sweet” paddles system can improve patients’ experience. For most women pain is directly related to the compression which is applied to the breast during mammography examinations. However this procedure is essential to stabilize breast position during exposure (to prevent motion artifacts) and to reduce tissue thickness as much as possible (to improve image quality and to support a better visualization of the glandular content). The “Fit Sweet” paddles feature a flexible surface that flexes according to breast size and density, evenly distributing the compression force over the contact surface of the tissue with the paddle. The paddles take advantage of a smart combination of different construction materials, and of a flexible link with the gantry of the system. This advanced construction ensures an optimal stabilization of the breast thanks to a very wide area of contact, while reducing the pressure that is applied to the most sensitive area. The “Fit Sweet” paddle always adapts its shape to the breast, providing a personalized compression to each patient.

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