Our Vieworks Vivix-S 1717 Panel offers the precision you have been waiting for. It improves performance tenfold while also enhancing the overall durability and reliability factor from its predecessors.

With the highest degree of portfolio flat panel detection, you have everything you require. On top of this, the integrated imaging solution ensures an extensive overview with high performance images.

One main feature of the Vieworks system is that it has a superior automatic exposure detection function. Moreover, it ensures reliability, and the high level of sensitivity means image quality will not be compromised. As such, the Anytime™ design has made the system improve the procedure process.

The Near Field Communication improves fast and efficient configuration. Likewise, clinicians can now work with ease where complications in the past would lengthen processes. If you need to use a system in multiple X-Ray rooms then the Vieworks system is the one for you.

Lomaen Medical offers the best medical and veterinary systems in the market. The goal is to improve the productivity and precision of any and all medical operations.

With fast data speed and wireless communication, the throughput is much faster in mid and high tier hospital facilities. The battery time is also improved with the option to swap out dual batteries if and when it needs to be replaced. The dual batteries will operate for roughly 8 hours.

Vieworks Vivix-S 1717 Panel also offers lower maintenance costs as it has an improved level of dust and water resistance.

With the most advanced fast panel detectors at your disposal for digital radiography we look to set you up with medical solutions which make a difference. Not only will medical staff be able to do their job better, but patients will now receive the best medical care available to them.

On top of this, the improvement of precision means that less mistakes will be made with correct results being displayed time and again.

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