The Cyberbloc FP is a powerful mobile fluoroscopy system designed for a wide range of surgical applications. The use of the latest generation of dynamic flat panel detectors greatly increases the performance. The high sensitivity of the Digital Detector and new software provides high quality images. Responds perfectly to operator “touch and feel” during surgeries.

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Available in either a 5kW or 20kW.

X-Ray Tube
Rotating Anode.

Flat panel detector
Available in either 21 x 21cm or 30 x 30cm CsI. 

Removable grid
The system offers a removable grid for low dose paediatric procedures.

Display Station
Medical display, clinical review monitor. Touchscreen technology for easy image and document call-up and management. Two 21.5” 2MP monitors fully adjustable in height and angle of view.

Operator Control Panel
Operator always has direct control during the surgical procedure from any side, thanks to a multi-touch 12” colour LCD console and live imaging.

Laser Localisers
Perfectly integrated in the system, the two laser sources can be activated from the touch screen panel.

DAP Meter
Precision Dose Area Product meter to monitor and record effective patient dose levels.

Compact Design
Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table. Fast, accurate positioning on patient and effortless gliding. Easy to move from one room to another.

X-Ray Emission Mode Control
X-ray emission mode controlled using either a footswitch or a multi-function hand switch.