FUJIFILM Console Advance

As the pioneer in digital x-ray imaging, Fujifilm continues to innovate and change the world of radiography.  Building on over three decades of digital radiography excellence, Fujifilm’s acquisition workstations offer exceptional image quality with fast, easy workflow. 

The FujiFilm Console Advance workstation is the heart of every FDR and FCR system. It represents the culmination of Fujifilm's extensive experience in image and information processing. The sophisticated interface is intuitive and customizable, and enables fast, easy exam completion and image optimization. 


  • Dynamic Visualization IIis Fujifilm’s advanced image processing technology, providing outstanding first-up detail and virtually eliminating the need for post processing. 
  • Complete common workflow steps in as few as 2-3 mouse clicks 
  • Worklist views with status icons and thumbnail images 
  • Virtual Grid (option) – improved image quality for images acquired without a grid 
  • Multi-Accession opens multiple studies with separate accessions for the same patient in one acquisition screen. 
  • Auto trimming simplifies offset imaging by automatically detecting the exposure area. The true sized cropped image is sent to PACS, for optimal image display size at both workstations. 
  • Region of Interest (ROI) image adjustment — unique 2-point ROI function that reprocesses images instantly based on user-selected points of interest. 
  • Image Stitching (optional) for DR and CR automatically combines multiple adjoining images into a single long length image for scoliosis and long leg studies. 

Advanced Software

  • Dynamic Visualization II

Dynamic Visualization processing tools produce high quality images that aid diagnosis and boost productivity. Optimal first-up display virtually eliminates any need for post processing image adjustments, providing exceptional image quality automatically. Wide dynamic range adaptability and breadth of exam menus help to reduce retakes. 

Fujifilm’s Dynamic Visualization image processing automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field producing exceptional images with higher window and levelling content for faster, more accurate diagnosis.  

  • Virtual Grid (option) 

Processing intelligently simulates grid use, eliminating scatter effect, to improve contrast and clarity for images acquired without a grid. Useful in portable exams simplifies acquisition and positioning, and eliminates artefacts associated with physical grid misalignment and improper SID. 

  1. Intuitively recognizes scatter effect in the image 
  2. Precisely tunes contrast and noise control 
  3. Eliminates misalignment factors 
  4. Customizable grid characteristics, grid lines, density and interspacing material 
  •  Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP) 

Applies edge enhancement and grey scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopaedic hardware images 

  • Flexible Noise Control (FNC) 

Selectively suppresses noise without loss of sharpness. Useful for paediatrics, lumbar spine and abdomen views 

  •  Grid Pattern Removal (GPR) 

Intelligently removes moiré patterns caused by grids 

  •  Grid Pattern Removal (GPR) 

Intelligently removes moiré patterns caused by grids