Get exceptional image quality in a complete DR portable x-ray system designed with radiographer’s feedback. The Fujifilm FDR Go combines Fujifilm's renowned image technology, FDR D-EVO panels, with Dynamic Visualization for enhanced diagnostic visibility.

Built for speed and efficiency, the Fujifilm FDR Go incorporates features to ensure the safety of users and patients. A touch-sensing bumper stops the system and sounds an alarm if an obstacle comes too close, the quick release brake system stops the Fujifilm FDR Go whenever the grip handle is released, and a special safety mode allows it to travel at a slower speed for in-room or training uses.


  • The compact chassis size and low tube lockdown of the Fujifilm FDR Go allow for easy driving visibility and manoeuvrability in even the tightest spaces. As a result, there is a reduced chance of motion artefacts due to fast exposure.

    The large touchscreen display with Fujifilm’s latest Dynamic Visualization II image processing automatically optimises images for greater diagnostic visibility. In addition, this offers greater single exposure capture and reduced acquisition time.

    The Fujifilm FDR Go is compatible with all Fuji FDR D-EVO II detectors available in standard 35 × 43 cm or full field-of-view 43 × 43 cm sizes, and the unique wireless 24 x 30 cm all featuring Fujifilm’s patented ISS technology for exceptional image quality at a lower dose.

    The virtual grid option simulates grid use for improved image quality for images acquired without a grid. In addition, “inching” controls at the tube head slowly move the system forward or backward for precise positioning at the bedside without needing to return to the drive handle. A long- and tall-reach telescopic arm features full angulations for easy and precise tube positioning.

    Dual, independent rear-wheel drive provides ultra-sensitive steering for smooth, quiet travelling and easy manoeuvring in tight spaces.

    The Fujifilm FDR Go’s system battery power lasts four to five hours and features emergency reserve mode for additional exposures and travel after low battery warning. Furthermore, the system can be operated wirelessly or with a wired ethernet connection using standard DICOM connectivity. Finally, its ruggedised hard drive holds up to 4 000 images.