Villa Apollo EZ


The remote-controlled table Apollo EZ

Apollo EZ is the solution designed to overcome any installation limits in narrow spaces, thanks to its compact mechanical structure, and to allow an R/F room to be created with an affordable investment. The table is available with transversal (2-way) tabletop movement, for maximum compactness, or with 4-way tabletop movement, to offer maximum patient exploration, combining tabletop and tube/spot film assembly longitudinal movement. Moreover, Apollo EZ includes functional features that enable the great application flexibility typical of the Apollo line, such as the tube support column with motorised tilting and the focus-film distance up to 180 cm, that allow different types of projections to be made directly on the table, including chest studies. Designed with the same high-quality standards used in manufacturing all of our equipment, Apollo EZ is a compact and reliable system that can be used in environments requiring high productivity and in the most critical situations, thanks to its ability to withstand high loads with no movement limitations. The equipment can ensure high levels of safety for both the operator and the patient, thanks to the real-time control of all movements and to the specific anti-collision device that stops the tilting movement of the table in the event of contact with an obstacle. 



1. Wide Touchscreen Interface 

The operator can simply and intuitively control the entire system through the wide touch screen interface, where the information on the table position and operating mode are instantly displayed. The new smart-touch joysticks, made with touch-sensitive material, ensure that table movements are only activated intentionally and constitute, together with the updated software control infrastructure, a set of elements designed to allow the equipment to be used in complete safety. 

2. Two-way Intercom System 

The operator is able to communicate with the patient to provide instructions and reassurance during the examination via the built-in two-way intercom, which is supported by pre-recordable messages in several languages. 

3. Video Camera 

Through the video camera built into the collimator, which displays the image of the patient in real time on the console, the operator can perform centring operation without X-ray emissions. However, should it be required to stay close to the patient when preparing the examination, the operator can start the remote controlled table movements through the control panel on the table side or through the optional touch screen collimator, or via an additional control panel on a trolley. 

4. Versatility and efficiency 

Rapid and concurrent movements dramatically reduce the patient preparation time and increase workflow. On the film-based versions, the powerful spot film device, available with either line or cross divisions, can fit virtually any application need, while the one-hand cassette loading and unloading mechanism grants a maximized speed for this frequent operation. Thanks to the retractable grid, the operator is never required to manually remove the grid even in all the examinations where it is not required. Finally, on the Apollo EZ the extended focus distance can arrive up to 180cm/71″ allowing to obtain chest images comparable to those done on a chest stand, making the remote-controlled room suitable also for routine exams. 

5. Safety and patient care 

Special attention is always given by us to reduce the dose to the patient, by employing several provisions, such as reduced skin-to-film-distance, automatic collimation, fully automatic parameter settings in both fluoroscopy and exposure. Additionally, in order to grant the highest level of safety, a dedicated anti-collision device on the vertical tilting movement stops the motion in case of contact with foreign objects. The spot film device, compatible with numerous formats of radiographic cassettes, makes the preparation of the examination simple and fast through the automatic cassette loading and alignment mechanism, thus allowing multiple images to be acquired in succession on the same film through the line and cross divisions. This system also allows the anti-scatter grid to be automatically parked outside the X-ray field, in order to reduce the dose delivered. 

6. Performance and reliability 

Apollo EZ is entirely engineered and manufactured at our headquarters in Italy, leveraging on our recognized skills in the manufacture of remote-controlled tables and employing European-Standard production processes, guaranteeing an excellent price/performance ratio. The performance of the Apollo EZ is therefore assured for a long time, even when the machine is used in the most stressing environments as well as for operations with bariatric patients, thanks to its weight capacity up to 200kg (440 lb.) without movement limitations. The TV chain with image intensifier and CCD camera can always capture images at the highest levels, thanks to the automatic control of the exposure parameters based on the density of the examined area and the algorithms for noise and motion artefacts reduction. The system can be supplied with a wide range of accessories, useful for patient positioning and for special procedures, such as lateral cassette holder, compression band, radiopaque ruler, contrast medium cup holder, disposable bed sheet holder, shoulder support, patient footrest, leg support and handles. 

7. Apollo EZ with DIVA-HDE system 

The Apollo remote controlled tables are also available with DIVA-HDE digital acquisition systems, based on Image Intensifiers, featuring a 1K x 1K, 12-bit camera and up to 25 frames per second acquisition speed in fluoroscopy. Full DICOM connectivity is assured for seamless integration into your PACS network, as Diva-D and Diva-HDE support the most common DICOM 3 operation classes (Print, Store, Worklist). 

8. Apollo EZ DR-Wi 

The innovative “DR-Wi” version of Apollo is designed to get the most out of the combined use of the wireless Flat Panel and the analogue remote-controlled table with appropriately optimised functions. This solution reduces work times and further improves the quality of the images compared with the use of Computed Radiography systems or with cassette-film combinations, while reducing the dose delivered to the patient. The significant functional versatility of the “DR-Wi” version is given by the focus-detector distance variable up to 180 cm, and by the large 43×43 cm format of the wireless detector, which adequately covers all anatomical regions and allows chest projections to be made directly on the table. Furthermore, the wide flexibility in positioning the X-ray source is functional in performing direct contact and off-table exposures with the Wi-Fi detector. The workflow is simplified even more by the availability of the “Multi-Grid” system, which automatically selects the most suitable anti-scatter grid based on the focus-detector distance set. Should grid use not be required, such as when examining paediatric patients or extremities, the system automatically parks the grid outside the X-ray field, thus resulting in a reduction in the dose delivered. Particular importance has been given to the integration of the automatic “Stitching” procedure, which consists in the automatic acquisition process of a set of X-ray exposures and their subsequent union into a single image, thereby supporting investigation of extensive body areas, such as full-leg and full-spine examinations. All this makes the Apollo DR-Wi a truly multifunctional system, as it combines in a single device all of the applications usually performed with analogue remote-controlled tables, conventional radiographic rooms, large format chest stands and CR systems.