Fujifilm responds to the market needs of digital mammography with the introduction of PROFECT CS Plus, a high-throughput FCR reader offering image quality optimized to satisfy the most demanding applications. Its four-cassette stacker and the MAMMOASCENT AWS-c’s and CR Console’s easy operability realize increasing workflow efficiency and enhanced diagnostic breadth.

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Fastest Processing Capacity in the World
The FCR PROFECT CS Plus have realized the world’s fastest processing speed of 120 IPs/hr, a remarkable progress from the previous 103 IPs/hr. These two models reduce the examination time drastically, ensuring stress-free workflows. 

Dual-Side Reading Technology
A convenient stacker accommodating four-cassette stackers at once maximizes operator waiting times, enabling the processing of up to 103 Imaging plates (35x43cm) per hour.

High Precision Images for Various Needs
As High DQE is realized by the Fujifilm’s Dual-side Reading Technology, with its low dose exposure, the FCR PROFECT CS Plus relieve patients’ burden during X-ray examinations. Incorporated with the FUJIFILM proprietary image processing technology (Image Intelligence), high-resolution image reading with the 20 pixel/mm sampling pitch delivers excellent quality images in versatile diagnosis areas.

Multi-Purpose FCR
The FCR Plus series now enables processing of pan tomography exposures (15 × 30 cm), in addition to standard and long-view exposures, making a wider range of examinations possible.

Multi-Frequency Processing
Enhances FCR images. All diagnostic scopes will be enhanced except for noise.

Grid Pattern Removal (GPR)
Removes the stationary grid patterns, preventing Moiré from being generated resulting in easier diagnosis.

Flexible Noise Control 
Provides a non-grainy image by mainly isolating and suppressing the noise for the signal.

Pattern Enhancement Processing for Mammography
As an optional software specifically developed for mammographic imaging, PEM enhancement processing improves the conspicuity of micro-calcifications.