High-speed image processing tabletop FCR with mammography compatibility

Brand new world’s smallest class all-in-one tabletop CR equipped with Mammography Image reading as standard.

High-speed image processing tabletop FCR with mammography compatibility 
Brand new world's smallest class all-in-one tabletop CR equipped with Mammography Image reading as standard. 


  • High speed processing 

With the highest processing speed in its class, this model can process 73 images per hour. In addition, 40 mammography images can be processed within an hour, allowing smooth image reading. 

  • Space-saving design 

FCR PRIMA Tm, with its light and compact tabletop design, can be placed on a desk, shelf or anywhere space is limited. As this is a fully digital reader, neither a darkroom nor automatic processor is required. 

  • High quality mammography images 

Fujifilm’s Image Intelligence technology automatically enables stable and optimized high-quality images.  

  • Multi-frequency processing 

Enhances FCR images. All diagnostic scopes will be enhanced except for noise. 

  • Dust-proof mechanism 

The insertion slot of the cassette is equipped with functions that prevent the entry of dust and automatically clean the inside of the instrument to remain dust-free.