Transfer your analogue mobile units into digital radiography systems quickly and easily with the FDR Go Flex. 

The FDR Go flex transforms a wide range of X-ray units into wireless DR systems.
All components of FDR Go flex are extremely compact and can be transported quickly and easily.


  • Compatible with FDR D-EVO detectors available in GOS and CsI, in standard 14×17” or full field-of-view 17×17” sizes, and a 24x30cm perfect for neonatal and extremity use, all featuring Fujifilm’s patented ISS technology for exceptional image quality at low dose. 
  • Excellent portability  
  • Stress-free operation – preview images are displayed in only 2 seconds after an exposure  
  • Smart Switch technology which allows automatic x-ray detection.  No need for syncing cables 
  • Image stitching  
  • Excellent image quality due to FujiFilm’s Dynamic Visualization II processing software and ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) technology