Villa Apollo DRF 4.0

Apollo DRF is Villa’s reference product in the panorama of digital remote controlled tables, which stands out over time for its unique and innovative features. It’s top performance and operability have always been widely acknowledged, with features such as the wide application flexibility, high productivity and high image quality, still making it one of the most appreciated products by radiology professionals.

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Excellent Flexibility
Rapid and accurate positioning that allows the widest possible range of radiographic projections.

  • 90° tilting in both directions.
  • Complete patient coverage.
  • Motorized tilting tube support column.
  • SID of 180 cm.
  • Patient weight capacity of up to 284kg.

Utmost Efficiency
By simply pressing a key, the table automatically reaches the pre-set position, setting all geometric features according to the radiographic projection to be performed, such as focus-detector distance, collimation area, additional filtration and correct anti-scatter grid between the two available in the system.

  • Multi-grid system (automatically selects the proper grid according to SID and APR selected.
  • Smart touch joy sticks.
  • Built-in two-way intercom.
  • Video camera built into the collimator.
  • Collimator with touch screen interface.

High Quality Images and Productivity
The large dynamic detector can provide high-resolution X-ray images and high-acquisition frequency fluoroscopic sequences. Its sensitivity allows the system to obtain extremely detailed and sharp images at low dose.

  • Active area of 43 × 43.
  • New graphic user-interface.
  • Upgraded image processing algorithm.
  • Fully DICOM compatible.
  • Auto-positioning function for increased workflow.

A Wide Range of Applications
The significant versatility of Apollo DRF is expressed in its ability to cover a wide range of routine and specialized examinations, streamlining use and productivity of the R/F examination room.

  • General radiology procedures.
  • Dynamic procedures of the digestive or peripheral venous system, pain therapy procedures, micro-invasive procedures, urography and tomography examinations.
  • Vascular examinations are also possible via the digital subtraction angiography (DSA) package (optional).

Dose Reduction Features
Apollo DRF features a number of solutions that are thoroughly designed to reduce the dose and to assure the utmost safety for the patient.

  • New multi-layer table surface with reduced X-ray attenuation.
  • Automatic removal of the anti-scatter grid for examinations of paediatric patients and extremities.
  • Automatic collimator available with optional additional filters.
  • Anatomic programs optimised for the body part to be examined, with specific mode for paediatric patients.
  • Dynamic Flat Panel Detector with high X-ray sensitivity.
  • Pulsed-fluoroscopy mode with variable acquisition speed.
  • Virtual collimator function with diaphragm adjustment without X-ray emission by using the last image hold (LIH).
  • Virtual scan function that displays movement of the collimator on the last image acquired during table movements, thus making it possible to centre the area of interest without X-ray emission.

Optional Advanced Functions

  • Additional wireless detector.
  • Second X-ray tube on a suspended ceiling stand.
  • Stitching software allows automatic acquisition of a set of x-ray exposures and their integration (full spine and full leg examinations).
  • Innovative tomosynthesis function.